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America was born to build. That concept beckoned to people who began their lives poor but knew they could work their way up, to immigrants who looked at the promise of our country and knew there was a place for them. All that was necessary was creativity, intelligence, and a willingness to work hard.

Since 1979, Lee & Associates have used those ideals as a north star, which has helped us to thrive as one of the leading commercial real estate brokers in the Inland Empire. We specialize in sales and leases for distribution and manufacturing buildings, including large yards, contractors yards, truck and trailer yards, pallet manufacturing and storage yards, and general storage yards. We also provide entitlement services designed to connect private businesses with governmental agencies and developmental consulting.

Senior Vice-President and partner Craig Yocum, Senior Vice-President and partner Alexey Zabolotskikh, associate Trent Kimsey, and the rest of our staff, are ready to provide your company with the personalized attention and guidance it needs in order to find the right commercial property. If the time is right to relocate your manufacturing or distribution divisions, you need guidance through the development process, or you require market information, contact us today.










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